6 Tips on How to Use Research Activities to Enhance Customer Brand Experience

Companies are trying to listen to their consumers but if it’s a negative experience for the consumer and if you miss an opportunity to enhance brand experience and win repeat customers, then there’s a problem. Many companies approach consumer insights as a sideshow, something that’s low priority. And that is indeed a problem since surveys and other engagement activities are […]

5 Customer Retention Strategies to Build Brand Loyalty

Today, businesses need to expand their horizons and explore more opportunities. It’s no longer enough to do what you’re good at. Why? Because, with this age of digitalization all around us, the competition has started to thrive in ways they never even imagined before. In short – you must get better, faster, or else suffer consequences that may be direr […]

How To Increase Engagement With Your Customers Using Gen Z

Marketing to Generation Z doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. In fact, it can be quite easy if you know how to make your marketing click with a younger crowd. Keep in mind that Generation Z is highly connected and constantly engaged with social media and technology. They are also extremely open to new brands and experiences. […]

Oil Inflation and Global Economic Impact

Oil prices have increased to nearly $ 100 per barrel which is good for the economic recovery after post lockdown due to the covid –19. As the world is recovering and the economy is growing so there is demand for the oil is also rising. Moreover, due to the rising of geopolitical tensions between the Ukraine and Russia and in […]

What are the Challenges to Market Research?

Today, there are many great resources available that can help you when it comes to conducting market research. For one, the internet is a wonderful place with millions of pages to comb over for valuable information about any given topic. For example, Google has an incredible search engine that not only lets you find content on your favorite search topics […]

Market Research for E-Commerce

One very important thing to make sure that you do is to make sure that your business allows its own unique voice to come through in all of its communication. This will help ensure people understand exactly what your business is about and differentiate it from your competitors. There are several ways you can make this happen, but one way […]

What Are IDIs? Explaining In-depth Interviews in Market Research

IDIs is a complicated and often tedious task. We’re huge fans of gathering all the relevant data possible for analysis, as well as doing in-depth qualitative analyses of your customers and business partners. Knowing where (geographically) your target audience resides, along with viewing their online interactions with products like yours, is a great way to get an idea of what […]

Why Customer Loyalty is Important?

Attracting customers can be a challenge. There is so much going on that it’s hard to keep up with everything, especially when you’re a start-up or in the small business stages. It’s important for small companies to stand out from their competitors and attract new audiences – customer loyalty is essential! Customers are the lifeblood of any business. While they […]

4 Benefits of Conducting Market Research on Your Competitors

“Learn why conducting market research on your competitors is essential for any successful business. Benefits include gaining insights into their strategies, identifying market gaps, staying ahead of industry trends, and improving your own business decisions. Competitive analysis helps you make informed decisions to grow and stay competitive in your industry.“ What is Competitor Analysis? A competitor analysis is like a […]

6 factors to consider before launching a product or service

Bringing a product to market can be daunting. One of the reasons so many products fail is because entrepreneurs don’t take the time and effort to conduct an experiment that will confirm their product is exactly what customers want. The first step before you invest time and money into any project is building a prototype and getting genuine customer insights […]