3 Signs You Need Help With Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are an important part of any business. They help you collect feedback from your customers and learn more about their needs and wants. Providing a positive customer experience has increasingly become a top priority for businesses and studies show that 2022 will be no different. The driver here is that 86% of shoppers are willing to pay more […]

6 Step Process for Conducting Qualitative Research Interview

A qualitative research interview (often called an in-depth interview or IDI) is an excellent method for digging deeper on a topic, product, service or brand. Their objective is to ascertain mindset and belief as a whole whereas quantitative surveys aim to measure. When determining the best type of market research to use for the purposes of your study, it is […]

9 Signs You Should Invest In Market Research

Market Research. Do I need to invest in it? Why do I need this? What can this answer for me? What will I get for ROI? How do I know if I need it? Unlike marketing or advertising, market research is a very specialized and specialized service provided by a small number of firms in local and regional markets. Since […]

4 Benefits Of Competitor Analysis

4 Benefits of Conducting Competitive Research Never underestimate your competitors. Yes, there are many important factors involved in building a successful brand – but perhaps one of the most important is keeping an eye on competing businesses. Why? You want to be able to differentiate yourself from rival companies to assure existing customers and prospects will choose you as their […]

5 Reasons You Are Not Getting The Data You Need

Designing a research project takes time, skill, and knowledge. If you don’t approach the process with a clear goal and methods, you’ll likely end up with skewed data or a wrong picture of what you were trying to achieve. At Philomath Research, we simplify your data collection process. While it is important to use proper methodology in the research process, […]

10 Tips For Conducting Better Market Research

“Improve your market research with these 10 essential tips! Learn how to gather more accurate and actionable insights, identify key trends, and make better business decisions. Whether you’re launching a new product or trying to stay ahead of the competition, these tips will help you conduct more effective market research.” Market research is so important that it can mean the […]

9 Things You Need To Know About Online Surveys

Online surveys can be conducted using several methods. However, there are some very important things that should be considered if you want to create a high-quality online survey. Below are 10 things that should be considered when taking an online survey. A skillfully planned online survey that captures customer feedback and experience will yield conclusions that can explain the difference […]

5 Common Mistakes People Make While Doing Market Research

We have seen firms make their fair share of market research blunders over three decades of working with a vast range of companies and organizations. There are some common pitfalls that continue to be incurred by businesses to save time or think they already know the answer. Short cuts and a lack of evidence-based research can prove costly, so here’s […]

Top 5 Market Research Trends To Look Out For In 2022

The value of the global market research industry grew by more than $40 billion between 2009 and 2019. The industry is currently worth $73.38 billion and shows no signs of abating. This assessment is not surprising – information is everywhere. The unprecedented volume of data, up-to-the-minute insights, and a truly global audience mean that the market research industry is constantly […]

The Impact Of Language On Survey Results

Did you know more than 7,000 languages are spoken around the world today? With so many languages spoken, the possibilities for misinterpretation are endless! A recent study reported that different languages had varying perceptions of time, size, color as well as broader concepts like intentions, gender and blame. It’s certain some messages are bound to be lost in translation! In […]