Get complete data on your market research and turn them into creating new strategies. Philomath Research is well known for its excellence in B2B research and market intelligence. With Online Research, we deliver an absolute insight into the market, along with robust information. Our most unique recruitment strategy and advanced profiling allow us to reach even the niche target audience across the world. Our experts have several years of Business to Business research experience, delivering hundreds of research projects worldwide. We’ve partnered with large Business to Business enterprises, Start-ups, including:

Transport and logistics


Architecture, Construction and Engineering

Software Services

Financial Services

IT Hardware

From chief marketing officers to machinery and manufacturing dealers, you can rely on us to track your target audience and design a qualitative research approach that will help to gain the best insights.


Why B2B Research

B2B Companies require robust research in order to understand the customers and the most effective way of making their product or service available to them. It also helps them to ascertain the metrics such as cost per acquisition of a client and a clear understanding of market expectations. B2B Research helps market research companies to uncover valuable insights about:

Economic Change

Market Trends

Upcoming Opportunities

Analyzing Customer insights

Why Choose Philomath Research For B2B Research

Philomath Research has developed an unparalleled recognition in B2B Research and Market Intelligence. We are the premier supplier for many of the eminent market research companies globally. We provide comprehensive market insights to our clients with in-depth information. Our solutions help market research companies to:

Uncover New Opportunities

Improves Business Decision

Strategic Competitive Intelligence

Identifying Customer Changing needs


Our Market Research Services

Customer, Brand And Market Understanding

We bring customers closer to your business, helping them to navigate your brand and providing them a clear picture of market understanding.

Product Development Research

We work with business brands to help them develop their products and services, from planning to pricing research.

Marketing And Advertising Research

We partner with businesses to help them achieve their advertising efforts by identifying the needs and desires of their customers.

Online And Offline Services

We offer online and fieldwork services to business organizations to get them the data they need.