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Philomath Research is a rapidly growing market research firm delivering cutting-edge business intelligence market solutions to its clients globally. Our research solutions are intended to meet the strategic and actionable insight needs of our clients. Over the years, our strong experience across the market research industry with a dynamic and profoundly skilled team enables us to provide solutions that help foster clients' growth.

The Spirit of
Philomath Research

The spirit at the core of Philomath Research is to enable its clients think like their own customers. It is deeply rooted in our essence, is a beacon which gives us direction, and is the cornerstone for all that we do.


Our Services


With prowess in quantitative research, Philomath Research crafts more practical, multi-layered insight approaches. To help our clients to measure business or ....

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Philomath Research has years of experience and is recognized for its cutting edge qualitative research solutions. In-depth interviews, Focus groups.....

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What Our Clients Say

Our approach is based on practicality and is customised for each customer, with an emphasis on producing actionable results. Philomath Research plays a crucial role in helping us to provide such service to our clients.

Senior Vice president
Market Research Firm (UK)

Our new revolutionary partnership with Philomath Research enables us to provide an inspiring model for today's reality to our clients, accelerating insights and making them actionable.

Research Director
Pharmaceutical company

Philomath Research has done an excellent job of identifying certain groups of professionals who provide valuable insights into our business. From the original quote to the final presentation, the level of work shown by the team is exceptional.

Director of Consumer Insights and Strategy
FMGC company

Following our first job with you, we were quite impressed. Your B2B knowledge was evident, and you offered an outstanding standard of deliverable. Our team is pleased with the outcome and aim to incorporate it into their strategic planning.

Market Research Firm

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When you partner with us, you’re leveraging decades of experience and demonstrated market research expertise to help you to engage with even the hardest-to-reach audiences. Our trusted data collection methods and our cutting-edge market research services allow us to produce high-quality data and accurate research insights.

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