How to Survey Psychiatrists: Insights from Mental Health Professionals

Receiving medically backed insight for mental health services and products is an essential tool for relevant brands. With 1 in 5 Americans experiencing some form of mental illness, the need for related services is ever-growing.  But where does a mental wellness brand begin? Learning how to survey psychiatrists is a good starting point.  By surveying mental health practitioners, brands can gather high-quality, factual […]

How Can You Improve Your Consumer Services?

89% of customers are likely to repurchase from a company after having a positive customer service experience – meaning that customer service really does play a key role in not only maintaining revenue, but also boosting it and generating profits for an organization. If an organization’s customer service is compromised, it can result in not only significant financial losses, but […]

6 Customer Retention Strategies for Small Businesses

If you find that most of your first-time customers only make a purchase once and never come back, it’s an indicator that your business isn’t scaling as quickly as it could be. While new customers are great for boosting sales, every company needs a base of loyal customers in order to achieve sustainable growth. In fact, it costs six to […]

What Is Correlation Analysis?

Correlation analysis is used to determine the presence and strength of a relationship between two or more variables. Some types of correlation analysis include bivariate correlation, partial correlation, and multiple correlation. Correlation is a measure of the degree to which two or more variables are linearly related. When two or more variables change together in a way that is consistent […]

How To Drive Business Innovation With Customer Data

Innovation is the name of the game in today’s business world. Old practices and businesses are being reshaped by technology and ideas. But not many businesses know how to get their innovative juices flowing. But there are some clear steps that everyone can follow to help innovation happen in their business. This blog will look at how to drive innovation […]

7 Brand-Customer Relationships that Create Loyalty

A key to constructing segments with excessive loyalty is to create logo relationships which have traction and meaning. To recognize relationships, it’s beneficial to keep in mind the traditional paintings of Susan Fornier going manner again to her dissertation withinside the mid-90s wherein she used human relationships as a metaphor for logo relationships. She tested the paintings of psychologists who […]

3 Consumer Expectations That Are Changing Customer/Brand Interaction

In order to stand out among all the other brands vying for attention, it’s essential that companies understand their consumers. This means knowing what they want and when they want it. While consumers’ needs and wants are constantly changing, it’s up to brands to create an experience that meets those needs. Consumers are becoming more demanding because of technology, and […]

Top 5 Tools For Consumer Insights

You may have heard the word ‘insight’ thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? Simply put, insights are the thoughts and opinions of your customers. They’re the things they say or do that can help you learn and grow. Understanding your customers’ insights can help you make better decisions, whether they’re related to marketing, product, or business decisions. […]

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Market Research in 2023

To market your products successfully, you need to understand your target market and what they want/need from your product. This is where market research comes in – it provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy. Market research is vital for the success of any product or company. It helps to gather, record […]

What are the 3 main types of market research methodologies?

Would you like to know why your consumers are not buying your products? Do you want to discover what they want so you can give it to them? Are you interested in launching a new product, service, or marketing campaign, but you’re not sure what will work? In this case and in many other situations in your business, market research […]