Getting Serious About Sample Quality

Imagine you’re a market research (MR) analyst. While analyzing data from a recently wrapped survey, you suddenly notice hundreds of entries with gibberish in the open-ended fields. With a sinking feeling, you realize the survey has been compromised by corrupt parties and your study results might be skewed. Sadly, this imaginary scenario is all too common. Surveys are only as […]

4 Ways To Implement Healthcare Market Research Like A Pro!

To create a path to better health, healthcare market research must be prioritized! Read on to understand what HMR is, why it’s important, and 4 ways to Implement Healthcare Market Research like a pro, for the best patient experience! Our world has been battling a pandemic for months on end. Though the healthcare industry has been overworked, doctors, nurses, hospitals, […]

Understanding And Improving Patient Satisfaction

To improve patient satisfaction, we must first understand it! Read on to know what patient satisfaction is, why it’s important for your business, and how it can be measured and analyzed. Patient satisfaction and experience are high priorities for healthcare institutions today. Especially when patients see themselves as buyers of healthcare services. They know that if a healthcare provider can’t […]

Emotion In Market Research  

Even though emotions in market research are not necessarily logical or rational, they can have a heavy influence on customer actions, with respect to the brands, products or services they choose. Positive emotions during different stages of the customer journey can impact future experiences with your brand, often improving loyalty, retention and advocacy. Emotions are no joke, after all! However, […]