7 Brand-Customer Relationships that Create Loyalty

7 Brand-Customer Relationships that Create Loyalty

A key to constructing segments with excessive loyalty is to create logo relationships which have traction and meaning. To recognize relationships, it’s beneficial to keep in mind the traditional paintings of Susan Fornier going manner again to her dissertation withinside the mid-90s wherein she used human relationships as a metaphor for logo relationships. She tested the paintings of psychologists who studied the character of relationships and the traits of best relationships. Drawing on elements in this frame of labor plus her personal purchaser research, she diagnosed seven kinds of relationships which are essential to recognize and had interesting insights into how brand-customer relationships must be conceived, measured and managed.

These confines give assignments on brand fidelity but come at it from different perspectives. A brand can use them to understand the nature of their client connections and how they might expand and consolidate them. The two statements associated with each confines give texture and particulars for a dimension scale.

Why Customer Relationships and Brand Loyalty Are More Vital Than Ever

Prioritizing the building of strong customer relationships has more benefits than just retaining your current customers. Here are four more reasons why you should focus on developing customer loyalty:

1. You’ll attract new customers. Loyalty begets loyalty, and happy customers will often recommend your business to others.

2. You’ll increase customer lifetime value. The longer your customers stay with you, the more they’ll spend with you over time.

3. You’ll improve customer retention. It’s cheaper to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one, so happy customers mean a healthier bottom line.

4. You’ll deepen your understanding of your customers. The better you know your customers, the better you can serve them – and the more likely they are to stick around.

7 Relationships that Create Customer Loyalty

Interdependence of behaviors

The degree to which the actions of the relationship partners are intertwined is an important indicator of the strength of the bond between them. Other indicators are the frequency of interaction and the importance of and involvement in the use occasion.

Personal Commitment

The partners in a relationship are committed to making things work. They want to improve or maintain the quality of their relationship over time and feel guilty when it is compromised.

Love and passion

The intensity of emotional bonds between the partners, the inability to tolerate separation, and the reflection of love and passion that exist. In brand relationships, customers can develop passionate links to brands. Substitutes create discomfort.

·         No other brand can quite take the place of this brand.

·        I would be very upset if I couldn’t find this brand.

Nostalgic connection

The relationship is based in part on the memory of good times.

·         This brand reminds me of things I’ve done or places I’ve been.

·         This brand will always remind me of a particular phase of my life.

Self-concept connection

The partners share common interests, activities and opinions. The brand reflects the interests and activities of the person.

·         The brands and my self-image are similar.

·         The brand reminds me of who I am.


A deep understanding exists between partners. The consumer will achieve intimacy by knowing details about the brand and its use. One-on-one marketing programs enhance intimacy by fostering mutual understanding.

·         I know a lot about this brand.

·         I know a lot about the company that makes this brand.

Partner quality

The evaluation by one partner of the performance and attitude of the other. The evaluation by the consumer of the brand’s attitude toward the consumer.

·         I know this brand really appreciates me.

·         This brand treats me like a valued customer.

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At Philomath Research, we believe that creating meaningful brand-customer relationships is the key to creating loyal customers. It’s not just about marketing to your customers, but about forming a community that you can build long-lasting relationships with. If you want to learn more about how to create meaningful brand-customer relationships, you can reach out to us at

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