How to Recruit Social Media Influencers for Market Research Studies

How to Recruit Social Media Influencers for Market Research Studies

Influencers are figures in our society who lead the trends and popular opinions. They reach out to their audiences to influence what others think. Social Media Influencers can be found online or even offline and they typically have a large following which allows them the ability to sway many peoples’ opinions. When choosing which influencer to work with, it’s important know how this person interacts with potential or current customers!

One way to spread the word about your product is by hiring online celebrities. This solution has been used very often in the fashion and beauty industries and has proven to be a successful marketing strategy for garnering support from consumers. You can pay them in different formats – fees or royalties – and they will promote your product in person as well as online with posts on their social media pages.

Influencer marketing isn’t new. It relies on persuading people to recommend a product or service because they like or trust the product’s sponsor. Social influencers can help promote their favorite products with their large followings, which they earned and cultivated by establishing credibility as authorities in their fields via engaging posts on social media channels like Instagram ( Although social media influencers may not have universal name recognition, today’s younger audiences tend to form deeper connections with meaningful conversations and are more likely to demonstrate purchase intent than consumers who have been inundated our commercial messaging from birth thanks to sophisticated marketing strategies that utilize big data analysis and personalization technology targeting consumers based on their online behaviour.

How Influencers Boost Businesses

Influencers are some of the most connected people online. They use their blend of photos, videos, posts, status updates and stories to voice their opinion on a product or service and can be powerful co-creators and storytellers. Plus, they often have their own loyal audiences who look up to them for advice – which means that when you involve influencers in your social media marketing activity, you’re also building up an audience with which you can have further direct communication down the line.

Different people love to see different celebrities in advertisements. A brand’s social media influencers should attract a wide range of individuals in their target audience, regardless of the age group. Celebrities may not be the best fit for your specific social media campaign, though they can certainly help when it comes at an affordable price. At times, non-celebrities may have more influence than celebrities and thus drive more sales. Consumers would rather buy from someone they consider to be like themselves or “one of their own” – people who don’t seem out of reach.

Economic Impact of Influencers

It’s not just about Google searches anymore! According to a recent eMarketer study, the Instagram channel has seen growth of 12.4% (in contrast to Facebook’s 6.3%).  And influencer marketing is riding that wave with over $1 billion in income projected for 2018 from the fame looking for the hashtag.  It’s been proven that some retailers can see sales increases by as much as 250% when they sponsor social media influencers to promote their products.

The secret about social media is that you don’t have to have thousands of followers to be effective. In fact, most people who have thousands of followers may not be the best influencer for your marketing needs. The reality is this: social media is an excellent tool, but one face with a thousand followers won’t help you achieve your goals. You need someone who will speak directly to your target audience and provide them with a solution they want and need! This person will boast numbers in the 100-5,000 follower range – or even below. We call these “micro influencers”

Influencer marketing is a form of advertising wherein companies hire other people to increase awareness for their services and/or products. Its performance can be measured in a variety of ways, the most common being the following:

  • Number of views
  • Number of followers
  • Engagement metrics
  • Purchasing performance

The Importance of Market Research in Influencer Marketing

Influencers work with brands they believe in, are compatible with and that reflect their values. Influencers also seek to participate in collaborations to help boost their own profiles and create value for their followers. It’s important that brands handle relationships with influencers carefully and deliver meaningful messages through those relationships because the competition for influencers can be intense and picking the wrong one could ultimately backfire. Market Research helps identify potential influencers as well as their opinions which may have been overlooked or disregarded by businesses in the past.

How we can help you

Influencer market research is a very important part of our services and here are some ways we go about gathering intel from influencers and getting our messages out there: – Focus groups-Interviews with Influencers – Surveys

We talk to influencers and people who have a lot of influence. We work with those who can get your company in touch with the right kind of people and make you stand out above the crowd, whether it be on social media or in other ways. We can even help ensure that your brand has the right meaning and message, depending on what is trending at any given time. There are plenty of successful companies out there so it’s important to stay relevant!

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