Qualitative Research Services at Philomath Research

Philomath Research is a full-service market research firm that specializes in providing qualitative research services to businesses and organizations. Qualitative research is a method of inquiry that focuses on exploring and understanding human behavior, attitudes, and perceptions through in-depth interviews, focus groups, and other forms of data collection. At Philomath Research, our team of experienced qualitative researchers is dedicated to […]

What is Customer Research?

Customer research helps brands identify potential or current customer segments, needs, and behaviors. It’s conducted as part of market research, user research, or design research and always focuses on researching customers of a specific brand or product to identify unmet customer needs and/or opportunities for business growth. Customer research about simple demographics of an existing or potential customer group (like […]

Market Research & the Metaverse: What Does the Future Hold?

With the rapid development of internet and technology in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of innovative new platforms that boast exciting ways of connecting with others – the metaverse being one such example. This entrance has got people wondering about how social connection might look in the future. Important questions arise, such as: How will people interact with the […]