Crafting Effective Quantitative Surveys: Tips for Design and Implementation

Introduction: In the realm of modern business, knowledge truly is power. As companies strive to understand their target markets, gather valuable insights, and make informed decisions, the role of quantitative surveys in market research cannot be overstated. These surveys serve as powerful tools for collecting numerical data that can drive strategic planning, product development, and overall business success. In this […]

The Effect Of Consumer Behavior In Marketing

“Discover the impact of consumer behavior on marketing strategies in our latest blog post. Learn how understanding consumer behavior can help businesses improve their marketing campaigns and achieve greater success in today’s competitive market.“ Even small businesses can benefit from conducting consumer research to determine which planning, strategies, and tactics a company should use to respond to changing marketplaces. This […]

The Evolution of Market Research

Market Research: The Past, Present, and Future With so many different types of marketing to consider for your business – email marketing, social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, to name a few – it’s no wonder that many organizations either have their own internal marketing department to help manage it all or need to outsource at […]

5 Reasons You Are Not Getting The Data You Need

Designing a research project takes time, skill, and knowledge. If you don’t approach the process with a clear goal and methods, you’ll likely end up with skewed data or a wrong picture of what you were trying to achieve. At Philomath Research, we simplify your data collection process. While it is important to use proper methodology in the research process, […]